The Soul And The Shaman

We all have the ability to heal ourselves. Not everyone knows how, but the ability is there, nonetheless. But there are times when we need to seek someone whose training will bring relief that we cannot uncover on our own. When it comes to the soul and its healing, there can be so many factors involved. The shaman is a healer of the soul, among other things. The shaman and the soul are able to connect in a way that is mystical, inspirational and real.

Being able to engage with the realms outside of what we call our life is the role of the shaman. Our vast Universe and our expansive life is made up of layers upon layers of energetic realms. It is within these realms that energies can get lost, trapped, bogged down or wounded. Our soul, when faced with tremendous pain, suffering, loss, trauma or fear, can often retreat in an effort to protect, to hide or to grieve. The roots to our soul loss can go deep into our life story and often we find it challenging to trace them to the cause of our unbalance on our own.

Science has proven over and over that true healing only happens when the body, mind and soul are all addressed. Physical healing is addressed when the body's needs are met. Mental healing happens when out thoughts are able to be in alignment with our body and soul's messages. And then there is our soul's healing. In our society, this is often the neglected part of the energetic flow of healing. Left unattended, the body may find a way to move forward, but symptoms will continue to present themselves, sometimes in the most creative of ways. And our mind will continue to create a story that will foster these symptoms and nurture the rationale of why we are feeling the way we do, why things keep happening the way they are and how we will never be who we want to be.

The shaman sees, understands and knows what the unseen forces of these realms can do to one's life. The connection to these energies and the soul of a client allows the shaman to work within these unseen realms to create shifts, to retrieve what has been hidden or traumatized, and to heal what has been broken. Working with spirit guides, animal spirits, energies, and ancestors, the shaman discovers how to work the story of the client so that healing can occur and the client can now be whole and their energies in alignment to step into the next place on their life's path with beauty and grace, joy and wonder and find relief from the struggle or the pain.

It is through the manipulation of this energy that the shaman can bring relief to the client. When the soul and the shaman engage together, energies that have been misplaced are found, patterns that have kept one stuck can be shifted and the wounded can be addressed, comforted, aided and welcomed back to a place of healthy wholeness.

Understanding that one's health is beyond just the physical, a shaman will explore the power of your thoughts and listen to your soul story to find a way to bring your authentic truth into the realm of living a fulfilling life that contains abundance of possibilities and brings beauty and awareness into focus. If you have ever wondered how a shaman can support you in the healing of your soul and your life's story, take that as a sign that your soul is reaching out.

Blessings, Lisa