The New You Evolution


It is the time of year when people put their focus and energies into a New Year's resolution. Admirable, yes. But often disappointing. We create the perfect set up for failure, dissatisfaction, disappointment and more. Yet, our intentions are always so filled with hope, eagerness and optimism.

How can you begin 2014 with a new you evolution instead of the old resolutions? What would the theme of your evolution be? This often brings about a positive impact into your life as opposed to creating a specific goal that has restrictions and limitations that feel as though you have to give up, sacrifice or go without. We feel expansive and open as opposed to feeling like we are being constrained or being forced to go without.

These types of evolutionary themes bring in a different type of energetic focus. Think about something you feel is lacking in your life, something you would like to change, expand, broaden, or become more positive about. It could be relationships, it could be mindfulness, it could be creativity, movement, nourishment and so on.

Now expand within these themes. Let's say I choose creativity. I sit down and think of ways working on my creativity could benefit my relationship with self and others, my living environment, my work, my spiritual practice, my body and more. I allow myself to explore all the possibilities and there are so many. I leave room for the magic and miracles that this positive energy will surely generate. I invite others into the wonderful gift I am bringing into my life.

Notice that there suddenly is an energetic shift to this focus. Not once have I looked at what I must go without. When we approach our evolution this way, letting go of what is not good for us, no longer serves us or creates blockages for us is easier because we want the fresh space, the room, the abundance of time and energies to make room for the aspects that will fuel our evolution! We find ourselves excited over this new focus.

With the embracing of a New You Evolutionary theme you will find that your body, mind and soul will resonate. You will find ideas bubbling up of what you want and need. Your body will be charged with the changes. Your mind will explore the adventure you are taking it on. And your soul will delight on the possibilities you are creating, inviting even more to the journey day by day as you discover the new true you rising forward.

Happy New You, Lisa