Is There A Duty To Serve?


Often there is great pride to be found in doing our duty, in answering the call and bringing our best self to the duty for others. But sometimes people have a different response to being told it is their duty. For some it feels forced, not authentic or genuine. 

To be in service to others and to have it be a a beautiful and intention filled gift, one's heart needs to be in it. The energy behind our service or duty to others is the primary gift. The results will be far more impacting, inspiring, supportive and beautiful if this energy comes from a place of fullness and joy. For it to be a gift to others, the genuine intention held with desire and love needs to be present.  Anything less, the purpose is lost.

So how can we be sure that our service to others is a heart filled duty? Perhaps it comes down to giving ourselves permission to gracefully say no.  Putting ourselves first sometimes feels uncomfortable for some. But we must be sure to tend to our own needs with as much love and intention as what we bring to others. When our heart is full, our body is whole and our soul's messages are heard, we come from a place of fullness and are able to give without conditions. We respond with the most beautiful Yes.

Pearl S. Buck once said, "To serve is beautiful, but only if it is done with joy and a whole heart." Understanding that it is an act of self-love to look after our needs before we take on those of others is an important part of giving and being in service. It is not a selfish act.

Serving with intention and integrity will insure that the bringing of our devotion to our service will be delivered with love and positivity to all that receive it. Being in service to others needs to be fluid and gentle, filled with our passion and our grace and hold the best of our energies and insights.

Blessings, Lisa