Ready, Set, GO!


I know that the Universe is ready to support my energies, my dreams, and my visions that excite me. There are times when we feel a bit alone in our work. Our path seems to hold little company. Our days require effort and focus and we often can only rely on our own energies and our connection to Source. Being able to count on the fact that this support is constant and that I can tap into it any time that I need is a provision that I rely upon regularly. It has kept me going when the going was tough, it has kept me positive when things looked hopeless and it has inspired me when I felt empty.

There are energies waiting for me to engage in. The Universe has set into motion a beautiful story for me to take part in. My Soul is ready to receive, respond and partake. I have gained insight and inspiration from my spiritual connection, now it is up to me to bring action to these possibilities. This is the part that is up to me.

It seems as though once I put into motion my energies with those surrounding me, things begin to fall into place. And not always is it problem free. But often within those problems are amazing insights, gifts and alternatives. Who am I to judge how these gifts come my way. The Universe, Spirit, my guides...they know where I am heading, what I need, what I don' I trust.


It has become a beautiful way to flow through my days. The path is always there to follow, the support is always there to be received and I simply need to remember to be aware that I am the one who sets my dreams and visions into motion. When I respond to the beauty that is around me, when I listen closely to the call from Spirit I begin to feel the urgings to begin. And so I take one step at a time, I check in often, I listen closely and I explore with optimism, trusting that the possibilities will present themselves and I will be guided and held in all the ways I need to be, whether I know it or not.

Blessings, Lisa