What If I Chose Differently Today?

What if I chose differently today? What if I broke out of my normal response, perspective and assumptions. What DCF 1.0if I headed right and then took a sharp left? What if I said yes instead of no or no instead of yes? Oh the possibilities! This is all part of heightened awareness that we all can bring to our day. We have so much choice in how we live our lives. Every day, every moment we can choose a new experience for ourselves. This is particularly true when we find that we are doing again and again something that is not really working for us. But imagine doing this even when things are working? Can you challenge, even just on occasion, the old, "if it is not broken...don't CHANGE it?" Why not? Why not do something different?

What would happen if we were not so serious? If we laughed more, breathed more deeply or paid attention a bit more closely? Endless possibilities and opportunities could come our way! This is one of my favorite ways to shake things up. Anytime I feel dull, bored, restless or stuck...I do things differently. It can be something small or something on the larger scale...my choice!

Taking myself off of auto pilot works for me. I take a good look at the situation and access. Do I want to do what I always do, or what others would expect me to do? Maybe doing something different can enrich my experience and shift the energies. I won't know unless I try. And so I try. Sometimes a new way of thinking or a fresh approach is exactly what I needed to get the energies flowing again in a direction that resonates with my soul!

file8811270600714I cannot always decide what will happen in my life, what will come my way...but I can choose what I will do with it, how I will approach it and how much energy I am willing to extend to it. Living in the moment, being present, looking for the possibilities and checking in help the energies that surround me to be vibrant and flowing, alive and abundant!

Blessings ~ Lisa

©COPYRIGHT 2013 Lisa Meade