Imagine This Dream

"My dream is to be a part of a movement of being kind to ourselves and to others and witness a generation of young people that no longer waste years of precious life on self-loathing like I have because they think they are un-beautiful."~ Jade Beall Photography file0001139676137Picture the day when the negative self-talk ends for all. Imagine the possibilities, the power, the joy and the beauty. Imagine the different way the world would appreciate, honor and operate. It is possible, especially since I know ANYTHING is possible.

How do we begin this? How do we create this new and exciting trend? How do we make it the next best thing, the must have, and the topic of every conversation? How do we make self-loathing and negative self-talk a thing of the past; soooooo yesterday?

We have to start with ourselves. We have to not just talk about it, but BE it. We have to model it, support it, celebrate it, encourage it and honor it. We have to cherish and require it. It can be what saves us. It will be what empowers. It should bring peace. Imagine!

The precious energies will no longer be wasted and instead flow into the positive realms, the healing file000590857181realms, the growing and evolving realms. These barriers of good enough, pretty enough, thin enough, tall enough, small enough…these barriers would fall and instead we would see each others attributes that matter and have effective impact on our lives and on the lives of others. We would witness the compassion of others, the generosity, the grace, the authenticity … imagine! Imagine being so kind to ourselves and to others that negativity is hard to recall and instead we see the power in each soul, the beauty in each face and the joy in each body. Imagine!

Blessings ~ Lisa Meade

©COPYRIGHT 2013 Lisa Meade