Listen to the Voice of Integrity

file0001692203283Listen to the silent voice of your integrity. When the voice of knowledge becomes the voice of integrity, your emotional body becomes the way it was when you were a child. You return to the truth, to your own sense, you return to love, and you live in your happiness again. ~Don Miguel Ruiz Our world loves the quest for knowledge. Degrees are measures of success. Education is valued. And not that it shouldn’t be, but what we do with that knowledge needs to be equally valued or even more. How do we bring our knowledge into alignment with our intentions and connect that to our service and relationship with others?

When this alignment happens we feel so full of wholeness. Truth is the only meal the soul needs. Integrity builds our connection to truth. It fosters our relationship with our body, mind and soul. We find joy in our moments, we see beauty around us, we hear promise and hope, we have hearts overflowing with love and it is happiness that sets the rhythm of our steps along our path.

When we learn to listen, to truly listen to our integrity we allow its wisdom to mesh with our knowledge. We learn to shut out the chatter of the should’s of old stories and others opinion. We learn to hear the whisper of our soul. We trust the gentle nudging of our intuition. We put to practice what our purpose beckons.

When we learn to listen this way each day brings abundant possibilities to us. We find ourselves seeingfile0001146512556 with a perspective of brightness and wonder. Our doors and windows are wide open and we are ready to usher in the positive energies created by our intentions and our truth.

Blessings ~ Lisa

©COPYRIGHT 2013 Lisa Meade