Simple Ripples

file0001566661797(1)The most important things in life are neither extraordinary nor grandiose. They are the moments when we feel touched by one another. ~ Jack Kornfield We all lead busy lives. We are living life with full plates. We have many different obligations, responsibilities, interests and causes. All of which can be wonderful. But it is important that we recognize that with all this busy-ness if we fail to reach out and connect with others, if we fail to be with someone and share…then what are our efforts for?

Walking a life path of intention and grace leads us to naturally want to interact on a soul level with the people we meet. We want to touch their hearts with our words and deeds and to be the recipient of their gracious energies. It is through this energy exchange that lives are changed, supported and celebrated.

The exchange of our energies, the exchange of our heart love and the recognition of our soul’s sharingfile000633683137 with one another creates a web of community building intentions. Simple gestures and actions are often the most impactful and meaningful. We do not need to wait until we have more or extra, but instead to Be with what we do have and allow the simple rippling to begin.

Blessings ~ Lisa

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