Everyday Celebrations

Don’t save something for a special occasion.Every day of your life is a special occasion. ~ Thomas S. Monson

file7931278465796I try to live each day as a special day. Each day if filled with opportunities for brilliant gifts, life lessons, sharing opportunities and more. People come into my life and we celebrate together. Family time creates beautiful spontaneous moments for laughter and fun, memories and magic. Nature brings beauty and pause to my life, chances to witness the wisdom in the cyclical flow.

Living every day as a special occasion brings delight and joy to my days. It also helps me to appreciate the simple and small occurrences and recognize the greatness to be found there. Not every day is made for a party. Not every moment is filled with pizzazz and sparkle. Sometimes it is in the silence or in the obvious that I find great delight to cherish.

So what makes me smile in my day? Ice cooled water with slices of lemon on a hot afternoon, waking to the birds chattering and planning their day, my husband rolling over and draping his arm around me at night, helping a new mom load her groceries into her car as she soothes her crying baby, a shopping trip to my farmer’s market, listening to the rain drumming the roof of our tent while camping…

Every day, every moment has something in it to honor, to celebrate and to appreciate. I just have to be file000262044520present in that moment. I have to be looking for the beauty. I have to be open to the possibilities. And I am willing to rejoice in what I find!

Blessings ~ Lisa

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