How Well Do You Love Yourself?

How well do you love yourself? How much do you adore the uniqueness of you? How creatively do you cherish best onewho you are, right now? Do you see yourself beautiful? In what ways do you adore the possibilities you hold within your soul for all there is to be? I love myself the way I am, and still I want to grow. But change outside can only come, when deep inside I know, I’m beautiful and capable of being the best me I can, and I love myself, just the way I am. -Jai Josefs

Sometimes this is a challenging way to view ourselves? It means being completely honest, open, vulnerable, accepting, gracious and compassionate with our selves. It is not always modeled for us, so it is difficult to see what this kind of loving acceptance looks like, moves through the day like and acts like?

Once we begin this practice of self-acceptance and love, it becomes easier and easier. We find a peaceful place within our selves that holds a tender and gentle embrace. We find kinder words to repeat when our self-talk is happening. We no longer see flaws, but opportunities for growth, shortcomings become places to stretch, and we learn to accept that out best in the moment…well, that is enough and it is beautiful.

Once we find living with this perspective becomes comfortable we notice a shift in the energies of our day. Struggles and distractions are limited. Disappointment and loss leads to opportunities and new beginnings. We find that grace is in our hearts as we interact with others. The critical eye is closed. The sharp tongue is tamed. The doubts are replaced with hopes. Amazingly this practice of self-love and acceptance brings a calmness to life, a fluidity to our movement and a gentle flow to our energies.

file5751275333429Self-love and acceptance is a safe place to invite your soul. It is here that your soul can then open up like a beautiful blossom to the wonder in each moment, seeing the gifts that await you, finding encouragement in simple acts and words, and sharing love with ease and unconditionally.

Blessings ~ Lisa ©COPYRIGHT 2013 Lisa Meade