The Messages in Your Dreams

file000455494946(2)My wise and beautiful shaman and teacher, Robin Rice, taught me that when I dream, I am all the parts of the dream. I am the various people in the dream, the objects in the dream, the room or place of the dream and more! Well, needless to say, my dreams suddenly unfolded in ways unimaginable to me in the past. And suddenly, they began to make more sense than they ever had before. They also became valuable tools for me to use in my growth as an evolving shaman. Recently I read a quote, “Keep an eye out for the small and vulnerable creatures in your dreams: The cats who've been neglected, turtles that need their water cleaned, thirsty seedlings and hungry babies. These are the places in you that are suffering for your own warmth. By honoring and learning to care for your animal body, you are nurturing the growth of your instincts and will be blessed by a fortified sense of purpose, direction and wisdom.” - Dreamwork with Toko-pa

And yes, once again the wisdom crosses my path. Our dreams hold great medicine for us. We can learn so very much from them. I so prefer to be my own reference resource, and not a 786 page dream book that tries to tell me of what the red butterfly landing on the frozen lake means in my dream! So in addition to applying the wisdom of Robin Rice to my dreams, I look to care for my animal body as well. It is not unusual for me to dream of animals, or that I am or become an animal within my dream. I often have amazing skills, senses and strengths in my animal forms.

What have your dreams been trying to tell you lately? What messages are becoming revealed as you look to file0001441946602your dream and realize it is all of you? What animal body is in your dream seeking your nurturing attention and is longing to share with you insights to your many skills, strengths and senses. Imagine the power that is waiting for you in your dreams!

Blessings ~ Lisa

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