The Beauty Found In Presence

file8791237661560From time to time our lives become busy and we can become distracted. It is in this distraction that we can lose sight of what is truly important in our life, to our soul and to our personal essence. Sometimes this distraction can lead us away from what we wish to hold as our truth and out intentions. Sometimes it happens so subtly that we are not aware of it until it impacts us in a negative way and we stop and wonder how on earth we go so far from our truth. To stay present and in the moment and to stay connected to my truth I have learned a skill that I honor so tremendously that I share it often. The simplicity is its beauty. The fact that anyone can do it is the gift. It is simply to take time each day in appreciating the obvious pleasures that life puts before us. Whether is be the sunrise, a sip of hot sweet tea, the song of a cardinal, or the first warm day in spring.

Try, therefore, to watch the sun every morning when it rises as if you saw it for the first time, and it will always appear new. ~ Omraam Michaël Aïvanhov

It is with these eyes that our perspective remains positive. It is with this vision that we see anything is possible. We don't see what isn't or what can't be when we sit in this place of cherishing the simple beauty of each day, each moment, and each gift before us.

By choosing to do this, life automatically becomes more grace filled and delightful. Frantic energies do not exist in this place. Negativity is erased. Boredom and impatience fade. Being present and observing life with the appreciation of its wonders replaces the dullness that invades some days. It immediately brightens the energies. It quickly shifts the obstacles into challenges that hold choices and lessons that we embrace as opportunities to evolve more fully into our authentic brilliant self.

We are the masters of the view of our life. How we choose to see it, what story we bring to it and how we file000634258053(1)decide to take part in it are all up to us. It does not mean we won't face disappointments, struggles, loss or sadness. But how we choose to see these is where the difference lies. By practicing the appreciation of the simple pleasures and beauty of our day, it becomes easier to view these aspects as only moments in our life, only drops within the ocean, only single fibers of the beautiful woven tapestry and we can find ways to weave them in with appreciation for what they may add, even if it is the gift of the contrast.

Blessings ~ Lisa ©COPYRIGHT 2013 Lisa Meade