The Mosaic of the Soul

file0001449577953There is a quote I recently read from author David Grossman, “I mean, if I could only put some of these together, these soul-fragments, maybe I could see them as one complete mosaic and finally understand something, a kind of principle that holds me together. Don't you think so? I'm talking about the things that have no first names, that accumulate on the bottom of the soul through life, layers of sediment and ore. If you asked me to describe them to you--I would have no words, only contractions of my heart, a passing shadow, a sigh.” This quote embodies the call of the shaman. It is within this role that I find my most passionate energies, my heart’s rhythm and my soul resonates deeply. When I am in service to others in this role I find myself bring together the scattered pieces, the lost parts and bringing relief to the wounded portion of the soul. When I am in service in this role I find my abilities and training come to the front of the line and shine brightly. When I am in service as a shaman I am able to bring to the client the missing, the unrecognized and the shunned. The relief and the completeness weaves its way into the soul and the indescribable begins to become understood, present, and honored.

A feeling of wellness and wholeness begins to reside again within the soul. It feels honored and celebrated. It feels recognized and cherished. In this place of beauty and positive energy it is able to become an integral part of your life and you become aware of the absence that once was and is no longer. Possibilities begin to present themselves. New beginnings appear where you felt there were only endings. Lessons do not feel like hardships but instead blessings. Life changes and your perspective on it does as well.

Through the use of guides, journeys, energies, rituals and other tools the shaman is able to weave file000459771159together what was broken and torn within the soul. Then you become the author of your story of truth. You begin to see that the stories you carried with you may not have always served your highest good, but instead held you back, kept you small, fed your fear and more. The opportunity to bring health and well being to your soul should not be neglected, but instead a priority. It is part of the foundation of your happiness, your wholeness and your authentic life.

Blessings ~ Lisa

©COPYRIGHT 2013 Lisa Meade