Are You In Alignment?

file000337000965(1)Financial guru, Suze Orman, was on television the other day offering advice to folks facing investments in today’s tough economy. She stated, “In order to live a rich life, everything about who you are must be one, in alignment, and in pure harmony.” I sat there an immediately lapsed into my spiritual thought process and lost track of the rest of the television interview. What wisdom! And money aside, how right for EVERYTHING else in our life! But let’s not turn this quote into a book, just a blog! So how do you define rich? For some it includes money or possessions, for others it is lifestyle, family and friends and for others it is opportunities, career, and calling. Regardless of your definition think on this … in order to be rich in life, everything about you needs to be aligned, whole, one and in harmony, agreement or synchronization. WOW! What a fabulous intention to set one’s focus on.

Think back to a moment when you really did feel rich. Go there in your thoughts, think of where you were, who you were with, what the circumstances were and how you felt in your body, your mind, your heart, your soul. Now, slowly step back and look at that moment, that day, that time and check in and see how your alignment was. Odds are things were pretty much in great configuration and you were shining brightly and filled with joy and ready to leap forward!

So how do we bring these types of moments more and more into our day? Obviously, it is going to take something on our behalf to make it happen. I believe it begins the moment we open our eyes, beginning our day with gratitude to have yet another gift of a day to share with others, to be in service, to shine brightly, to interact in loving relationships, to strive towards health and well being, to inspire, to be inspired, to dream, to stretch and to reach! And we have ONLY opened our eyes!

Then there is the opportunity to connect with Source; regardless of your personal practices, bringing the sacred into the ordinary aligns our soul with our being. Taking the time to step into the realm of our spiritual self, to honor and celebrate that aspect of our selves and to unite this essence with our actions creates a spiritual union that serves us and others well.

And how shall we cherish and celebrate our bodies? Do you check in with your body daily, asking it what its needs are and feeding it foods that serve as fuels and health promoting energy? Do you move it and use it as it is designed to be used, dancing, hiking, stretching, and climbing through your day with grace and ease, delight and intention? What does your body long to do that you have not given it the time to?

Oh so many things to align, and we haven’t even spoken of thoughts and the power in them, making sure file8951276054784(1)that they are in position with our intention of living a rich life? And what of our heart and its rhythm and outreach, it’s capacity for self-compassion and healing? As you can see, coming by the riches in life, takes a good amount of intention and focus, effort and insight, but oh how preciously wonderful it feels when it all comes together. And how glorious we see ourselves to be, how amazing our lives show themselves as they are, and all possibilities become an adventure to explore! Oh the beauty of it all.

Blessings ~ Lisa