From The Darkness

From the author Joseph Campbell, from Companion: Reflections on the Art of Living: file0001203965The dark night of the soul comes just before revelation.

When everything is lost, and all seems darkness, then comes the new life and all that is needed.

I have been with many souls of late who have suffered and still are suffering. They feel lost, they feel as though there is no hope, they feel heavy hearted, weakened bodied and weary minded. They barely are able to hold on, yet they do. They hold on. Somewhere within, their soul knows that this pain will pass, this challenge will be overcome, this heartache will heal and they will move forward.

When we are at these dark places all often seems lost. We turn to others to lean on, to cry to, to vent our frustration to and to be held. It is in this holding, this offering of compassion and tenderness that we find respite. We are able to pause long enough to catch our breath and reassess, to regroup our efforts, to rethink our tactic or to simply just be.

When the soul cannot hold itself in this place, the shaman is of value. She can step into the realms of the energies and she can create the pause, the assessment, the regrouping and reconnecting of what is lost or hidden. She can hold with compassion and tenderness the wounded soul and help it heal. She can bring the guides to the place of need and find the ways to correct what has been broken.

And then with time, the process slowly ebbs its way throughout the entire being of the human form and the file0001493669907spiritual and humanness unite again in a glory of wholeness and wellness. Then the soul can be in a state of expansion and lightness. The beauty and possibilities return to life. The revelations of what was meant to be become known. The stability of groundedness is found. The new life of what is meant to be is born and transformation slowly unfurl itself to the wonder of us all!

Blessings ~ Lisa

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