Things Will Never Change...

It seems lately that the same phrase keeps rolling off my tongue in a variety of conversations, “Things will file000694490244never change unless you do things differently”. I have said it at least six times in the past three days. And each time the situations and the circumstances were different. Stop for a minute and think about it. Isn’t it the truth? When we feel stuck, the best way to get the energies flowing is to step off the beaten path and look for ways to create a new path. Staying in a place of stuck and complaining or fretting or getting angry over it….that gets us nowhere.

It takes a bit of bravery, a little courage to do this. I am not saying that it is easy. We find comfort in the familiar, even when the familiar is not really working for us. Creating a new path may take some calculated risks, it may take some asking for support, it may take some pause and reflection and NOT doing…and sometimes these are scary things for us.

To pull a new key out of our pocket and open a door that has been locked to see what we need to face on the other side is not always a choice one is happy to make. It takes hard work, it takes honesty, it takes truthfulness and it can be exhausting. But what if it is worth it? What if that is the very next step to reaching your greatness, your potential, to embracing your next lesson, or to receiving your next gift? What if?

file3641250388816Pushing yourself out of your comfort zone is something we are not taught in life very often. We live in a very complacent society. The same old spins around and around. Living beyond the expected takes great intention and focus. It takes a healthy soul that has been tended to and cherished. It takes community that offers inspiration. All of that takes time and effort too. But, I ask myself, I ask you…if not all that, then what is left? The same old, same old. And I am up for the adventure of life. I am answering of the call of service. I cannot do it any other way, nor do I want to. Life is too short each time around. It is time to do things differently. So let this time be full!

Blessings ~ Lisa

©COPYRIGHT 2013 Lisa Meade