The Act of Nothing

When was the last time you did nothing? Are you obsessed with productivity? Do you place your self worth on how much you accomplish and manifest? If so this blog may change your perspective. Our world supports productivity and often we feel guilty if we are not in the process of DOING. But what we often fail to recognize is that if we place into our day time some time for inactivity we actually become better grounded, often more energized, have clarity and focus and a presence of mind that is not bogged down with lists or exhaustion. Inactivity nurtures and restores our balance.

What message do we send to our bodies and our souls when we pause and seek rest. We send honor and respect to the needs of our bodies. We offer our souls time to be expansive or to be idle and in wonder. Healing often takes place in these times of rest. Introspection becomes an open door. Delight is can be found dancing during moments of peace.

Don't get me wrong. I appreciate that effort is important. If we lack that we then become beings who sit beside the side of our path waiting for opportunity to stroll by or for something to drop from the sky into our lap for us to work on. Truth is many times we need to put our intentions into actions. But not all the time. Spirit sometimes whispers and we have to be still to hear. Sometimes the need for sitting back in the grass and looking up into the clouds and breathing in the cool breeze feeds our soul more than any ritual or ceremony, more than any accomplishment or finished task.

Variety is the most important aspect of life we can embrace. It keeps us passionate and enthused. It keeps us balanced. It allows us to entertain new concepts and try on new approaches. If you are feeling overwhelmed, bored, frustrated or out of sorts…pehaps you need to just DO nothing for a bit. See if it does you any good. To change what is not working in your life you may have to do things differently and if doing nothing is something you would not normally consider…give it a try.

Blessings ~ Lisa

©COPYRIGHT 2012 Lisa Meade