What is the energy you bring to your day? There are two kinds; negative and positive energies. Acknowledging the difference between them and being conscious of the energies we are bringing to each moment of our day is extremely important. When positive energy is present we are fluid, balanced, engaged, and positive. We feel the forward movement. We are willing to explore possibilities and options. We feel vibrant, healthy and alive.

When negative energy is present we are rigid, unsettled, shut down and unenthusiastic. We feel stuck. We are detached and cannot see the good in things. We feel frozen, cut off and pessimistic.

Sometimes we know why we are holding the energy we are in the moment. Sometimes it escapes us and we feel as though we are a victim of our feelings and our energies. To rise above feels impossible. The challenge is just too daunting for us to face alone.

Lately I have noticed in my work that more and more people contact me carrying negative energies in their beings and not knowing how to release it, to move on, to reconnect with what the value in life. This is the work of a soul care practitioner. Shamanic work is part of the healing that needs to take place. There could be soul loss occurring that no amount of positive thinking is going to heal.

Sometimes this energy is triggered by an event or a relationship. It has been buried down deep and we have carried it around with us unknowingly, but all of a sudden we notice we are not able to shake a mood, ill feelings or negative thoughts. The bubble has risen to the surface. The good news is that this most likely means you have all the qualities you need to begin the healing! A soul care practitioner can help retrieve the part of you that needs support and understanding; helping you to bring the pieces of your story back together so that your wholeness can be achieved and your healthy energies can be restored.

Blessings ~ Lisa

©COPYRIGHT 2012 Lisa Meade