A Sacred Clearing

Don’t you feel wonderful when you have taken a cluttered table or corner in your home and sorted through it and cleaned it up? Humans have sought cleanliness of their living space, both physically and energetically, throughout time. The word hygiene comes from Hygeia, the Greek goddess of health and cleanliness. Throughout history, we have had a longstanding relationship with our land and the life that evolved there. Even today we appreciate having harmony with our land and seek to manifest peace within our home. There is an ancient tradition of house clearing that evolved in Ireland and Britain and it holds, even today, strong spiritual traditions. This “clearing” actually is a shamanic practice of bringing balance, respect and communication with the spirit realm. The shaman listens to what the message is from the spirits of the land and/or the home.

Looking to shamanic practice, how does one clear their land or home? The first and most important step is to listen; listen and bear witness to the land’s story, the story of the ancestors who sat upon this land before us, and as we listen we sit without judgment and only bring awareness to whatever message we receive. We pay close attention to what we feel, see and know. Pay attention to waterways around the land. These were once believed to be the nervous system of Earth as they allow for energetic communication throughout the body of Earth.

Sometimes we may feel we are communicating with spirits of the land or of the home itself. Offering respect to these spirits as well as honoring what they bring to the land is important. Sometimes a Shaman is needed to come to the property to act as a practitioner to the clearing process. It is through their role that a healing can occur and a honoring and respect of the connection to all those who live or have lived on this land being a part of the whole with the land.

The land, its ancestors, the spirits who hold it energetically to them and those who now wish to reside there can all coexist in harmony and in respect. The honoring of the union of all this, the healing or release of whatever is cluttering the path of this alignment, the remembrance of the history and the celebration of the life unfolding creates a balance and a blessed space for one to live in and create a homestead upon.

Blessings ~ Lisa

©COPYRIGHT 2012 Lisa Meade