Making Effort Effortless

The anxious student asked the Zen master how long to enlightenment. The Zen Master answered a long time, at least 10 years. The student said, "Well I will work twice as hard." The Zen master said, "Then it will take 20 years." "No!" said the committed student, "I will work three times as hard." "Well then," said the Zen master, "it will take 30 years." Are you someone who believes that it takes work to be a spiritual being and that the more effort and time you put into it the “better” you will be? Well, consider this. You are already a spiritual being. Ok. Consider this, maybe then you will see what I mean. You are already a human. Do you work at being a better human? Probably not. I understand you can improve. You can improve your health, your piano playing or your crossword skills, but overall, let’s face it, we don’t usually approach our daily life that way. But we have been led to believe that there are spiritual beings who are better at being spiritual than we are and that they have spent a good amount of time in making that so.

Your spiritual journey does not require you to get anything along the way. It is a process. It is an evolution. You are where you need to be where you are right now and if you can focus on that and BE with that you can then open yourself up to what is waiting for you to embrace. You are present to open yourself up to who you are already. You create a welcoming space for your truth and your authenticity.

A favorite quote of mine from Meister Eckhart states, "It is not by your actions that you will be saved, but by your being." How do you Be? It is simple. By not believing you must always be Doing. That does not mean it is easy; it is just that simple. So, the next time you hear that inner critic comparing your spiritual path to another’s or shaming you for a mistake or misspoken word or deed…stop doing and just be. Be present, allow the process to unfold, take in any lesson or gift in the moment, be aware of what is your truth in the moment and breathe it in. That is the work that is required. That is where and when you will find evolution, growth, change, beauty, and insight. Not in the pages of a book or an all day workshop.

Books, events, presentations and other offerings are wonderful seed planters, fire starters, inspiration makers and help us feel connected, get our juices flowing and build wonderful relationships with others. They have GREAT importance in our lives and I honor and celebrate and take part in all. But they are not a measure of my spiritual path. They are just stops along the way.

Blessings ~ Lisa

©COPYRIGHT 2012 Lisa Meade