Saving with Service

If you are one who feels blessed to live on and be in relationship with this great planet, then you also believe it is an honor to be of service, to offer support and to bring aid to the earth and all its beings. We have our own needs that we try to meet daily. We have the needs of others who rely on us that we support. And we have a commitment to bring our talents, gifts and energies to the greater good of this earth and Her beings. When we build connections with others who hold this service in their heart, we are moved to find how widespread it is. Contrary to what some may say, there is an optimism that binds us as we strive to give back, to ripple out and to bring our best self to the equation.

There is a want to be of service in many. For some of us, this service is a call of Spirit. For others an ongoing commitment to a lineage they have had modeled for them. And for some there is such a life purpose in the call that it is as if it is encoded within them, passed on from the ancestors. Thank goodness for all!

Service has many faces. However you want, need or wish it to look…is great! Just offering it with good intentions, with an open heart and acts of compassion is what gives it the power. Imagine the many faces of service you can have… a favor to a friend in need, a donation to a charitable cause, a day of service in a community clean up, recycling, eating vegetarian, using environmentally friendly products, reducing your waste to landfills, praying for the earth and more.

Take notice of the attempts of others. Applaud their efforts or at the least, thank them. Show appreciation to companies that are in alignment with this role of service by utilizing their products and services. Taking note like this fosters the growth of this energy! It encourages and keeps it alive!

Acknowledge how even the smallest of actions provide the energy for change. Praise all efforts when you can. Assist those who are making attempts and need your support. Continue to be creative in your ways of service and honor. Celebrate the impact that is achieved by all. Encourage those around you and teach those who do not know better. Every effort is worthy and the Earth will be changed.

"In a gentle way, you can shake the world."-- Mohandas Gandhi

Blessings ~ Lisa

©COPYRIGHT 2012 Lisa Meade