Take Good Dose of Laughter and Call Me In the Morning

Children are often our very best teachers. Take for example the joy they find throughout the day. Children look at life through eyes of delight and newness. They see beauty where we see normalcy. They hear music, where we hear noise. And they feel laughter when we are often shut down. Hearing children giggle and then burst forth with a good belly laugh often brings a smile to our face. We recall how good it feels to really let go and have a whopping good, snorting, teary eyed, holding onto our sides, hard to breathe laugh!

We can invite laughter back into our lives through conscious choice. Laughter can happen at will, not only when encouraged by humor. When laughter travels from our core and travels through our bodies, through our cells, radiating outwards…we are body laughing! What a beautiful release of energy. What a tremendous embrace of happiness and joy. What a delight to share with others.

Laughter can create bridges where other communication fails us. There are no language barriers. It can unite strangers and friends alike. It connects. It bonds. It shares. It gives.

Laughter does a body good as well. It exercises our muscles, our mind, our lungs and our blood pumps wildly. It leaves us feeling more relaxed and less stressed. It gives us power to laugh at what frightens us or angers us. It reduces guilt or frustration. Laughter opens our hearts and allows things to flow, to brighten and lighten. It helps us shift our perspective to a more positive place.

The more we laugh and enjoy it, the stronger of a touchstone we create for ourselves. Sure laughter is easy when we are in a good place and a pleasant mood, but laughter can be just the right dose of “medicine” we need when we are a bit blue or in a negative mood. Even if it needs to be forced a little bit, our bodies will recognize the place of joy that laughter brings us and begin to create the responses we get so easily when happy. Laughter can nurture our souls and change our approach for the rest of the day.

The next time you are in a funk, feeling blue or moody or even having a frustrating day, try a bit of laughter. See how your body responds. Watch how the people around you resonate. Let your soul embrace the goodness that comes with a good body laugh.

Blessings ~ Lisa

©COPYRIGHT 2012 Lisa Meade