Soul retrieval is a shamanic practice that restores the soul's lost energy. This energy can be lost in life when there is trauma, great sadness, death, illness or other life changing events, such as divorce or depression. Our life force is impacted by these events and we lose the energies that keep us whole, vibrant and in flow.


A soul retrieval is a shamanic healing modality. During a journey, with a set intention, I travel on your behalf to the spirit world and other realms seeking clarity and finding ways in which to restore your soul to its wholeness. Parts of your soul, lost via some kind of physical, mental, emotional or spiritual trauma, illness, abuse or by other means have become disconnected and one cannot seem to move beyond and feel whole, complete and connected.

Signs that there may be soul loss:

  • Depression of any kind
  • Weak immune system
  • The inability to recover from loss of a loved one 
  • The inability to separate emotionally from another person 
  • An inability to become your old self after experiencing a trauma 
  • Any blocks of memory loss, particularly from childhood 
  • Addictions of any kind
  • Feeling stuck on your life’s path 
  • Lack of sense of direction and focus in life 
  • Emotional numbness, loss of feeling

Soul Retrieval sessions can occur both in person or long distance by phone. Each session requires approximately two hours of time. These sessions are uniform in format. The first part of the session is spent in a general overview of your life. I will ask various question that will help me connect with your energies, learn your story and help in setting the intention. This is followed by a shamanic journey (if remote, this part is done off line) and then a sharing of the journey again by phone or Skype. Issues of physical, emotional and spiritual well-being can all be addressed with special focus on current, lingering and/or traditionally unexplainable issues. This work takes place in Non-Ordinary Reality, where anything in ordinary reality can be affected. Because of this, long distance work has repeatedly proven to be as effective as in-person work. In addition, because this work is outside of time and space, often healing begins as soon as the appointment is booked.

Each Soul Retrieval Session is $150

All fees are non-refundable.

Lisa Meade - her name elicits a feeling of joy, magic and synchronicity and after being connected to her beautiful energy field for a journey, there is always a feeling of something missing when I move into disconnect. My life has changed dramatically since I met Lisa. I’ve worked with her on varying levels, including soul retrieval, and words cannot begin to express the profound impact her journeys have had on my life. With Lisa there is no judgment - only very wise discernment and love. During a journey or soul retrieval, Lisa delves into your story from a space of love and acceptance and with a deep connection to spirit. The journey for Lisa is rich, colorful, full of imagery, symbolism and magic. The symbols and story she relays back are healing, and full of meaning specific to you and your life.
— Jan

Lisa Meade

For more information about Soul retrieval or to schedule a session contact Lisa