Having lost 150 pounds, Lisa brings a personal knowing to the process of body acceptance. As a Body Image Practitioner she brings active listening, nonjudgmental approaches and compassionate understanding to her work. Every body is beautiful and Lisa believes this to her core. Together you will put an end to the cycle of shame and blame and instead create a path towards acceptance, appreciation and respect of your body beautiful.


There are many wellness coaches out there, as well as personal trainers and therapist that deal with eating disorders and more. But there are few Body Image Practitioners. As a Body Image Practitioner I bring to my services an understanding of body shaming, body acceptance, body dysmorphia, eating disorders and more. Having released a large amount of weight myself, I know of that struggle, I know of the stories and labels and the inner critic. Through years of deep personal work and process I have brought together a mind/body/spirit connection to my work that dynamically weaves together these influences on how we view our self and how we believe others see us.

Through a supportive, non-judgmental and understanding approach we will end the downward spiral of confidence, we will challenge the labels you have owned, we will bring vitality back into your day and end the dance you have around food, body image and shame.

Each 60 minute one on one session will include personalized practices and tangible tools for you to apply to your process. You will find a safe haven to discuss your fears and actively challenge them. Together we will create the life you deserve and you will find acceptance and beauty within.

Co-creator of the Stop The Beauty Madness campaign and serving as the Community Relations Director and Senior Blogger has given me opportunity to share my passion, experience and insight around positive body image and body acceptance with a global community in over 100 countries. Having a deep and personal perspective on beauty standards that are impossible to fulfill, I bring an understanding that is authentic and true.

Fee: $100 per session
All fees are non-refundable.

Finding ways to accept my body has always been a challenge for me. Working with Lisa brought out my inner truth. I found I could see beauty in aspects of myself that I could not before and with time it got easier and easier. I learned how to shut down the inner voices that shamed me. I developed skills that focused on the good of who I am, not on my faults. Lisa was always understanding. I felt safe. I felt heard. It is the most important work that I have done.
— Julie
When I turned 50 everything changed for me! Suddenly, my days felt numbered. I would look in the mirror and could only see my wrinkles and age spots. My smile dimmed and I began to withdraw. I signed up to work with Lisa and I am finding my way back to me again. Somehow I had bought into the story of 50 was over the hill. Life is beautiful, each day holds new promise and amazing opportunities. Lisa helped me wake up from the coma I was slipping into.
— Kim
I have body dysmorphia and have a doctor that I see regularly, but it is Lisa who has really helped me see my beauty. Some days are harder than others, but with the help of the skills she has taught me and with the amazing way that she listens and responds, I have found that I really can feel good about myself and not always compare myself to others. My flaws are not the first thing I think about or see each day; now I have hope.
— Beth




Lisa Meade

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