Where Is The Balance?

We pass through many stages in our soul growth. The gates open for us and we pass through. Sometimes while we are in this process of learning something new, we are developing a blossoming skill, or we may be quieting down in the use of an one we overuse and we feel a bit of overwhelm and struggle with our balance.

As we step into unknown territory and begin new practices or release one's that no longer serve us there is a tremendous shift in our energies. Sometimes we gracefully move through this shift, but many, many times we find ourselves asking, "Where is the balance?"

Imagine learning the skill of using your words wisely to get what you need in life and not taking on more than you do need. We may find ourselves saying yes to too much. Or we may be saying no too often without giving it enough thought and looking at things from the many different perspectives. Hmmm, we need to find the balance.

Perhaps we gain a new tool to use in our spiritual practice. Our excitement and delight in this tool has us turning to it again and again with each decision or prayer we put forth. Our other tools sit waiting patiently for our return, even those that would so much better serve the purpose at the moment for us. Once again, we find we need to restore our balance and learn to select the just right tool for the intention.

As we learn to master our new skills, our tools, our newest practice we find that a tremendous aspect of the mastering is in finding the balance. Our soul will help us in this lesson. We just need to remember to tap into our inner wisdom and listen. We need to pause, slow down, consider, weigh and wait. With time it will be come clear what is needed. Our soul will help us to hone and craft the best use for our needs. We do not want to overcompensate or under use. We need to find our sweet spot in the process. That just right balance of energies, time and use. When we discover that finding the balance is also big part of the lesson we then find ourselves accepting that this is as well a wonderful aspect of our growth.

Blessings, Lisa

Have You Forgotten


Have you forgotten how to dream? How to call in the images that delight your soul, how to dance with the ones who add joy to each step? Have you forgotten the faces of those who love you to your core? Have you forgotten their whispers that they spoke in your ear as you were born of your greatness and vibrancy that you bring to this earth? Have you hidden in your shadows afraid of your brightness and unsure of your purpose? Have you stepped aside from your passions and found yourself lost in the trappings of the demands of others?

How do we find ourselves? How do we reconnect? How do we dance again? How do we burn brighter than the stars and find our power within? No one said it is easy. No one has the answers? They are all within you, waiting for you to uncover them, to peel back the shadowy veils they are hidden in. They are in the eyes of those who love you and in the embraces of those who care. Their power to carry you forward is in the prayers and energies, the vibrations and simple moments that catch you by surprise.

Finding your way, finding your truth, recognizing your story and putting action into its unfolding is available to you. One small step at a time; in one simple moment of self trust. Each time you do this you move closer and closer to all that awaits you. The more you welcome into your life those who believe in you, those who really see you, those that are honored to witness you...the more support and celebration you welcome as well. This helps put speed and steadfast focus at your heals as you move forward.

Ask yourself, "What have I forgotten?" Listen closely to what your soul replies. Sit with it, feel it, embrace it and then ask the next question that bubbles up. Put action into your answers. Seek support? Remember patience and gentleness. Encourage faith and wise risk taking. Bravely move from where you are now to where you can be next. Honor each effort and love yourself through each challenge. Be true to you and begin again to remember.

Blessings, Lisa

The Guidance of Inner Wisdom

Unfortunately it is a challenge to go through life without having someone think that they know what is best for you and are insistent in sharing it. All the insights and concepts that they share will always, always pale in comparison to your inner wisdom. This is your most powerful resource. It is not found in books, in others' opinions, or online. It has been an abundant supply of knowing that resides within you that you can tap into as needed.

The important fact about this guidance that we all have is that in order for it get stronger and in order for us to be able to trust it, we have to use it. By using it we show that we value it and we begin to understand the ways in which it steps up to gain our recognition.

Inner wisdom does not care about what others think, what day of the week it is, how much money is involved, or how others are doing "it". Nor is it influenced by anything but what is true for you, in this moment, for your highest good, whatever that may be. Learning to lean into this inner wisdom and practice using it to guide you greatly impacts the choices you make and the direction your path takes us. It helps you stay in alignment with what is right for you, not playing catch up or comparison with others.

We all have this natural wisdom, though some are not willing to recognize it and others refuse to trust it. But for those who do, your inner consciousness will expand, your intuition will heighten, your personal power will grow and your self awareness will awaken. You will have conviction in your choices. You will bring truth to your actions. You will discover wonder in your ways. All this because you are now allowing this brilliant tool that you were born with guide you like no one else can. It is as though you are now holding hands with the Universe and you begin to see that all is as it should be and the beauty and joy to be found in that surrounds you.

Blessings, Lisa

Loss of Land Brings on Flood

Life has its disappointments. People let you down, circumstances do not lead you to your hopes and dreams, other's make choices that don't align with yours and so on. How do you roll with the energies that rise up from this place of loss? The way in which you respond can either help you find your way through or find you in a undertow that will cause you tremendous struggle. In a recent loss of a hoped for land to build our homestead on, I found myself in a flood of feelings to swim through.

While I try to live a life without expectations, it is not always easy. Our passions and our dreams often bring us to a place in life where we are filled with anticipation. All is well, if the next sequence of events unfolds in the way or at least somewhat like what you hoped for. But when they don't we find ourselves feeling a bit lost, maybe feeling a little empty or sad and trying to figure out what is next.

When this happens, I try to give myself time for pause. I need to be present with my feelings, rather than stuff them or ignore them. In the past, when I would do this, they would only surface once again, a bit later, often during a very inconvenient time, bringing with them a fury of energies that was disproportionate to what they originally were. Quite a mess to mop up. Eventually, I figured out I could save myself a good deal of clean up if I would just give them room right at the beginning of their bubbling forth.

Sitting in this place of pause I can grieve if I need to. I can also allow the disappointment to rise up and then release it. I don't hold onto it begrudgingly. I don't fester over it. And with time, I can look beyond. That is the beauty of feelings, they come and go, if we allow them to.

I picture myself riding the waves, rising and falling, sinking and surfacing, but always able to walk out of the waters of emotions. They are an important part of who I am, but they do not define me or control me.

Each time I can do this, I find a new depth has been reached within. I find a better understanding of who I am, why I do what I do, how I can evolve and where I am stretched. What a tremendous gift! Life brings us to these places for a reason. We may not always know why, but surely it serves us to be fuller, more aware, and closer to our truth.

So when disappointment washes over you, do not run and hide. Allow the shower to wash over you. Seek cover to wait it out. Pause and be. Feel and release. Open your heart and soul to the truth as it unfolds and embrace the gifts to be found there.

Blessings, Lisa