The Soul Will Guide


I recently was guided by my soul to explore a new tool to use in my shamanic practice. I was working with a client who was suffering emotionally and unable to let go of the pain. The fear of what was behind the pain was a place she could not visit in her state of agitation and suffering. I knew her soul was seeking healing. I knew it was ready to become whole once again.

My service to her was to try and find a way to bring her soul to this new state of being, to help in the healing of the wound, and to find peace. I opened myself up to my soul's wisdom, trusting that it would guide me. I found a comfortable flowing energy waiting for me to move in.

I picked up my drum; my long trusted friend that had often helped me in my healing, my grounding and my releasing.  I drummed matching her breathing which gradually began to be more controlled and slower, and so the drum beat responded in kind. Then within my being I felt her energy, I felt it filling the room, I felt it flowing and rising, ebbing and flowing.

Song rose from within me, tones and notes building with each drumbeat and vibrations wove their way through. Swaying in the flow of the energy this soul song rose from my being and filled the room. Gentle tones of healing were released. Heartfelt notes of peace where shared. The room expanded with the energy of the soul's healing.

My client relaxed, tears flowed, peace filled her being, her soul opened up to the healing and became whole once again. The beauty of the moment was larger than the both of us. The energy that was created was timeless. From here her healing would continue, from here her soul could be alive and vibrant, and from here the pain and fear was released.

I still have much to learn of this new tool. I trust my soul will guide me. I am open to its medicine. I am excited to see its power. I am honored to be introduced to it. Little did I know that moment that I picked up my drum what was waiting to become. When we learn to trust our soul, when we allow it to guide us and we are open to the energy of what it brings...magic happens, grace appears and the energies flow.

Blessings, Lisa

Ready, Set, GO!

How do you go for it? Do you embrace the beautiful truth that the Universe is offering you full support of all that you want and need? But do you realize that you need to put action into this relationship?

Have you ever had the experience that all the signs are aligning? Have you ever felt that this was the perfect time to go where you have been wanting to go, have what you have longed for, or create what you have dared to dream of? Have you noticed signs around you? Songs on the radio that rally you? Conversations with friends that encourage you? Your higher self is celebrating and resonating and urging you on! These are all BIG signs from the Universe, from Source that the vibrations are alive and ready for you and your moment!

But it takes action on your part. It takes some faith, some courage, some forward movement to bring it into being! When we make that leap and set into motion the energies for our "GO" the Universe responds even further. Things begin to fall into place, challenges do not stop us but instead inspire us. Doors begin to open. Gifts begin to flow and our soul engages with all that these energies bring to our highest Self and to the equation.

We find within all these creative and generative waves a sense of peace as well. We are fulfilling what we have dreamed of and we are manifesting what we have longed for. This satisfies the body, mind and soul alike.

This action begins to impact the powers that surround us as well. Positive energies attract positive energies. People may join in your creative process and offer support. Receptivity will blossom where it once before was dormant. This positive shift of energy begins to affect everything around us.

Being awake to this moment in life is so vital to our being all we are meant to be. Watching for the signs, staying in connection to our soul, listening to the messages of the Universe are all important practices to bring to this journey. Our dreams, longings, and inner callings are there for a reason. Honoring them with our presence will be the key to having them become our reality! Are you ready?

Blessings, Lisa

Have You Forgotten?


Don't get so busy in life, so distracted with tasks, so drawn into story or drama that you lose sight of what you love. Have you forgotten just how good it feels to do something you just love? To go somewhere that feeds your soul? To be with someone who celebrates the time you have together?

Remember when you were completely wrapped up in the desire to follow your passions. You would wake with inspiration to bring to it. You would lose track of time while doing it. You would share with others every aspect of it. You loved the energies that ran through you when you were involved with your passion. Of course, sometimes life dictates that we put our passion aside for other responsibilities, other's needs such as our children, or any other important requirement of our time.

Sometimes we forget to return to our passion. Slowly the time and space that it held in our life is replaced with other commitments. Sometimes it is a choice we make, believing we have more important things to do, or that we don't have enough time to give to it, or that it is not a priority. We have slowly forgotten just how good following our passion was for us.

We have bought into a story, often created by others to justify why they have forgotten to follow their passions! This story holds judgement. This story stops us in our tracks. This story keeps us from experiencing the bliss and joy that passion brings!

The Universe gives us things to become excited over! It teases and tantalizes our senses with delight, with wonder, with awakening energies of passion. Our soul waits on these moments. It knows the energy will expand into so many other areas of our life. It relies on these energies for creativity, for healing, for refueling and more. It is within these energies that we find inspiration. Our vision is filled with possibilities. Our options are more fluid. Our gifts grow and long to be shared. Our confidence and awareness reaches out.

We do not have to let go of our dreams, we do not have to put down our passions to still be productive in this life. If anything, making the time and honoring these aspects of who we are will make us even more productive. Or, at the least, possibly better at what we are doing! It is in the energies of these passions that our life feels satisfying, beautiful and abundant. It is these energies that we find ways to share with others. It is in these energies that our soul is given the opportunity to be more and more present in our actions and our thoughts. What have you forgotten?

Blessings, Lisa

Plug In Your Soul

Your soul thrives in connections. Think about the last time you were with a group of people who inspired you, challenged you and supported your expansion and growth. How brightly was your soul shining? Remember the last time you had your breath taken away by the beauty of nature. How full was your soul? Think back to a time when you felt love, deep compassion, grab a hold of your heart love that flowed through your veins and filled your heart. Remember how present your soul was?

This is how you experience your soul in our life. It steps up when you are plugged in and fully present. Each of those situations I shared above would have you fully aware, very present and awake. Your soul would be as well!

It loves connection because you then bring your attention to your words, your actions and your dreams. You are invested. You are ready to grow. You are willing to release. You are fully in your truth and open to the possibilities of life.

There is little room for ego when soul is present. The essence of you becomes filled with love, peace, grace, truth, wonder and more. Soul soaks up these energies. It uses these vibrations to propel us onto the next rung of the ladder, the next dream to manifest, and the next moment to embrace. You become more and more of who you are!

Knowing this about your soul allows you to take a step back and assess your life. Are you taking good measures to feed your soul? Are you in good company? Are you doing things that you are passionate about? Are you creating space to pause and reflect? Honoring your soul takes commitment and conscious awareness. It requires you to show up and be present. It means you keep your eye open for the beauty in life.

How will you nurture your soul today? What will you plug it into?

Blessings, Lisa