The Shamanic Priestess Path


Are you interested in learning more about the shamanic practice? Is your inner goddess eager to expand and bring Her gifts to this world? This group will explore ways to weave together shamanic practice with Divine Feminine energies. This is a 13 Moon, YEAR LONG OFFERING. You can join at the beginning of any month during the year. (This program is intended to be an offering similar to The Quest of The Shamanic Priestess, but for those who need something lighter, who may not be seeking training, but instead some knowledge and experience in the practices.)

For a low monthly fee of $25, by the 30th of the month before your participation, July 30 for August's participation. (Paid thru Venmo, to Lisa-Meade-2, with no additional fees or if through Paypal, to, include $1 for a total of $26 to cover fees) you will be included in a private Facebook group that will receive the following:

  • One Goddess a month to study, discuss and share information about. (Learn about a specific Goddess, Her attributes, energies, and ways in which to honor Her. Each week we will explore more and more about each Goddess.)
  • One Shamanic Theme a month to study and discuss information about. (Topics such as Journeying, Spirit Guides, Dreamwork and more will be explored)
  • One pre-recorded full moon ceremony.
  • Daily oracle card posting for day’s intention setting.
  • A Water Cooler to meet and share with other members of the group.
  • Prayers and Energies Section to offer support and to seek it.
  • A Monthly Gratitude Section to celebrate and honor what we are grateful for.
  • Weekly Q & A for Lisa to help in expanding your experience within the group.

(All payments must be made by the 30th prior to the beginning of the new month.)




Lisa Meade

For more information about this program or to sign up contact Lisa