The Mother Lode of Beauty:
Finding and Sharing Our Gold With Our Daughters


The Mother Lode is the principle vein of gold ore, or metaphorically, the origin of something valuable. As mothers and female role models to the girls and young women in out lives we bring our influence and beliefs into their lives in many different ways. When it comes to body image, how we think, act, and speak about our body is the primary and most influential view point that our daughters build upon for their definitions of beauty and body acceptance. In order to bring change to the unrealistic beauty package that women are taught to be or to want to be, we have to change our mindset first.

The Mother Lode of Beauty is a program designed to help us become authentic beauty activists and empowering role models as mothers, aunts, grandmothers or friends to the young women in our lives. Exploring our beliefs, awakening to our beauty definitions, owning what wellness means to us and creating positivity around these will be part of the program’s course work. Together we will be creating powerful conversations starters with our girls, share empowering answers to their questions, and supporting them in their individuality to seek their unique beauty definitions.

Learning to appreciate and honor the mother lode of the valuable offerings you bring to your relationship with your young women is key to being a brilliant role model. Body acceptance, inspiring spoken words, energized choice making and creating positive belief systems are some of the challenges we will take on in this four-week program. Uncover the beauty of your mother lode and bring your most beautiful offerings to your relationships with the girls and young women in your life.

This is an online program through a private Facebook group setting. All course material will be posted within this group. There will be weekly teleconference calls that will be recorded as an additional opportunity to share and explore together the process of embracing the Mother Lode of Beauty. Each week specific topics will be addressed, with a variety of exploratory exercises given that will help us uncover the beauty within and the struggles we face in finding it.

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Lisa Meade

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