See what others are saying about their work with Lisa. 

Your leadership as a powerful, yet compassionate and loving shaman has made such a difference in my life. It began simply and has expanded beyond anything I could ever have imagined. It has encompassed education, journeys, magic, love, acceptance, forgiveness, empowerment in self, believing in the power of intentions, and the list goes on and on. For all that you do so effortlessly, my gratitude.
— Jan D.
Over the years I have had times spent with you that were the perfect medicine for my needs. Your gentle way made things feel possible. Your gifts as a shaman have helped me heal in ways I did not think I could. My life is different in the most beautiful ways after having worked with you.
— Jane G.
I have had the pleasure of working with Lisa during some difficult times in my life. She is a wonderful person, shaman and friend. Her dedication, energy work, prayers and compassion were, and still are, constant sources of healing in my life. I have felt her spiritual energy deeply, and she continues to be a constant source of inspiration and support for me.
— Stormy R.
Working with Lisa through the Soul Expansion Mentorship has been a whirlwind of learning, growth and Love. Lisa has taught me to go to that place within, where my healing begins. The time I’ve spent within the group has brought me lessons, blessings and many gifts. Lisa is always right there, in response to your souls wonder. Her brilliance shines through in encouraging you to go deeper, “ask the questions, listen.” I now have tools and rituals I bring into my day with loving intention. I listen to soul speak and see with Shaman eyes. Lisa has created a place of Love, Honor and Respect along with All that she brings- the many lessons, practices, teachings, group calls and our one on one call with Lisa which I take full advantage of. We are a group of loving, compassionate woman, supportive in each other’s lives.

Through the many joys and the deep sorrows. I now Love myself, I am no longer “different” but whole and so much more complete! I would like to share a personal message from Lisa - “So beautiful and intention filled. Remember there are MANY path’s that will get you to your soul’s calling. You will find the one that best suits you.” This was sent after questioning and wondering. I can’t say enough about who I once was and who I am now because of Lisa simply “opening the door and I stepped inside”. I will be lovingly grateful for this life for many lifetimes because of Lisa Meade!
— Louise D.
I have learned so much about myself while working with you. I have learned to trust myself, to honor my gifts and to have more compassion for myself. Your insight is so valuable. Your heart and understanding is so big. I am blessed to have found you to work with.
— Diane H.
Wherever you are in life, Lisa meets you there with her gentle ways and open soul. And because of her ability to listen with ears on her heart, she serves as a very skilled and shaman and spiritual coach, to assist your journey to expanded wholeness or whatever needs draws you to her. Over three years, I have been blessed to experience Lisa’s special gifts many times; thanks to her, my life is forever transformed.
— Lorraine R.
Working with Lisa has been so wonderful, inspiring and uplifting. I have really appreciated her mentoring style, which is so gentle, supportive, loving and caring. My life journey previous to meeting Lisa has had many twists, turns, trials and tribulations and I knew I wanted a mentor who would assist me in getting to the next soul level of my life. I have been blessed and graced to have Lisa as my mentor! Now that I have been working with Lisa these last five months, I see these trials as soul-learning opportunities. I continue to grow, blossom and feel so connected to my soul purpose.
— Bessie
I have had the pleasure and honor of working with Lisa for over 5 years now. When I first sought out Lisa I was looking for a “Life Coach” and WOW is all I can say! Lisa has not only helped me in “life issues”, but has now become my mentor as well. I have learned so much about myself. She has a remarkable way of gently teaching one how to see and understand themselves and to also grow and flourish! Lisa’s compassionate and loving wisdom is a beautiful gift that is something I cherish. She is the perfect medicine for me! Lisa has helped me in ways no other has been able too in the past 25 years. I now work with Lisa in her Soul Expansion Mentorship course. The tools and lessons I have learned from her courses have been life changing. Lisa has created a place of love, honor and respect in her mentorship.

I would highly recommend Lisa’s courses to anyone. I will be forever thankful and grateful that Lisa has come into my life. I am not the same person I was two years ago. Now I have been taught to see my inner beauty and have the confidence to move forward in love. Thank you Lisa for your loving and compassionate heart and wisdom!
— Patty C.