Seeing The Light Within


A two-month program that focuses on the body, mind and soulful aspects of embracing your true beauty, Seeing The Light Within explores the lies, the media tactics and the messages that society holds as truths about women’s beauty. Learning to understand the masks you hide behind, the shadows you run to when you are faced with the messages that are defining your beauty is often a difficult process. Finding ways to hear your individual authentic truth about your beauty and discovering how to breakthrough and heal the body image will be our focus. Challenging the self-talk and the soul loss caused by culture around beauty can feel like a massive undertaking, but through this supportive program it can and has been done. Illuminating the qualities that make you uniquely beautiful will be part of the celebration. Through a series of steps we will learn to walk away from the thoughts and beliefs that do not serve us and create powerful changes that will shed a new light on how we view our self and our beauty.

With over 15 years of spiritual life coaching and one on one soul mentoring Lisa will teach you how to challenge these messages boldly and without shame as you discover and then redefine what your beauty is and is not. Together you will build a new beauty definition that fits and empowers you and all your unique qualities.

Each participant will receive a private one on one phone call with Lisa within the first two weeks of the beginning of the program to discuss and explore your relationship and beliefs of your body and your body image. From this discussion Lisa will weekly send to you a personalized private email that will offer support and suggestions to work with. These may include articles or book excerpts, practices and activities, journaling prompts and more. This email will compliment the overall group lessons of the week. There will be a private Facebook page for group discussions and that Lisa will post activities and program material that will challenge the beauty definitions of society and the media. During the last 2 weeks of the program each participant will receive an additional one on one phone call with Lisa to explore and celebrate the changes surrounding beauty and body image resulting from the work done within the program and to offer any additional support needed.

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This 8-week program is offered at a fee of $400 with a deposit of $100 to reserve your seat. This offering has a limited number of seats available.




Lisa Meade

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