Sacredness of the Elements


A one month course on the sacred connections one can bring to their spiritual practice with the 4 elements of Earth, Air, Fire and Water. Course will include 5 lessons per week, suggested activities, rituals, a variety of suggested reading material as well as links to articles, blogs or websites, seasonal practices and even recipes to honor the elemental energies in your daily practice. Learn what Element is the driving force in your life right now. Discover ways to balance this energy, to utilize its power in manifesting your desires, creating your dreams and honoring your soul's call. Celebrate the unique qualities of the Elements as they bring their attributes into your activities, spiritual practice and relationships.

Because of its online offering, course work can be done on your own time, while the private Facebook group setting will offer a place for sharing and discussion.

As a shaman I use my connection to the Elements on a daily basis and have over the years learned many ways to incorporate their powerful energies into my daily life, my spiritual practice and my shamanic services. They contribute to healings, to creativity, to releasing or manifesting, to dream work and more.

Fee: $125
This program will be offered quarterly. Contact Lisa to learn more.




Lisa Meade

For more information about this program or to sign up contact Lisa