Sacred Kitchen Alchemy


As a shaman, ritualist, foodie and plant based pro-certified chef, Lisa weaves together many of her passions to this program. Layer upon layer of dynamic energy, traditional information, shamanic practices and rituals as well as an understanding of food and the body's needs create a spiritual adventure in the kitchen.

Cooking is often overlooked as a beautiful aspect of our sacred connection. Food carries different energies that help serve our body, mind and soul's needs. Different meals can invoke memories of our ancestors and loved ones. Rituals and ceremonies are often accompanied by seasonal practices, moon lore and meaningful dishes. Sacred Kitchen Alchemy will offer you 5 different recipes a week with easy to follow directions and photographs of the steps and final dish. To bring these dishes full circle, spiritual rituals, sacred ceremonies, cultural traditions and Elemental energies will be explored. Certain aspects of kitchen alchemy will also be focused upon whether it be color, symbol or other attributes. Additionally, we will learn ways to turn the kitchen into a temple within your home, learn how to bring your spiritual connection and practice to mealtime preparation. The kitchen was once the heart space of the home, but in this fast paced world we have lost some of that significance and beauty. Sacred Kitchen Alchemy highlights ways to bring back the value of food preparation, the intention that can be set, the communication and support that is created around a meal and more.

  • Each week you will receive 5 different recipes with step by step directions and supportive photographs.
  • Several rituals and ceremonies to bring to your food preparation and mealtime offerings.
  • Kitchen Alchemy that will bring supportive sacred elements to your food preparations and meal time settings.
  • Exploration of the energies within certain foods and how they can be used to support our mind, body and soul needs.
  • Practices to help you to raise the energetic vibrations of the meals you are creating.
  • Lunar feasts and other seasonal celebrations that incorporate food.
  • Links to various websites, blogs and articles that support each week's discussions.

March 8th through April 4th
Fee: $130

All fees are non-refundable.



Lisa Meade

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