The Quest of The Shamanic Priestess


Are you a woman whose heart longs to answer the call of the Priestess? Are you a woman whose soul whispers to you to learn the ways of the Shaman? Your gifts are many and are quickening within you; healer, seer, medicine woman, dream weaver, guardian of the stone people, master story teller... You are ready to learn the ways of your ancestors; how they lived and what they practiced. You anticipate your relationships with your guides and long to engage with them. You are hungry to begin your initiation and The Quest of the Shamanic Priestess. 

Our world is in need. In need of the Shamanic Priestess and Her many gifts. Divine Feminine energies heal, they transform and they create.  Shamanic Practices empower, they expand and they generate needed vibrations. The union of these two powerful roles is a Woman who is being called to service by Her heart and soul. Lisa is offering this one year, 13 moon program to those who are seeking to learn to be a shamanic practitioner and the ways of a priestess; a Shamanic Priestess.

As a participant you will have access to 3 weekly online lessons. These lessons will cover topics that will introduce you to the practices of the Shamanic Priestess and provide you with specific rituals and activities that will broaden your knowledge and skills, expand your gifts and provide you with ways to bring these practices into your day to day life. 

Some of the topics these lessons will cover include:
~ Shamanic Journeying
~ Building Relationships With Your Spirit Guides and Allies
~ Energy Work
~ Priestessing as a Verb
~ Building Relationships with the Goddess
~ Engaging with Divine Feminine Energies
~ Plant Spirit Medicine
~ Dream Work
~ Moon Lore
~ Rituals and Altars
~ Understanding and Using Shamanic Tools
~ Working with Your Ancestors
~ Goddess Lore
~ Self-empowerment
~ Shadow Work
~ Loving Your Inner Goddess
~ Sacred Tea Ceremony
~ Understanding Your Story
~ Power Dance and Soul Song
~ And So Much More!

Lisa will also be holding Live Streaming Full Moon Ceremonies each month and then will post their recordings for later viewing.

There will be 4 Guided Shamanic Journeys that Lisa will record on Soundcloud and you will have access to them throughout the year and can download.

Each participant will also have a private one on one soul mentoring call with Lisa each month. These 60 - 90 calls offer you very specific support for your journey as a Shamanic Priestess.

You will also have access to a private Facebook page which will serve as our group's online Sacred Temple. Here Lisa will share articles, blogs and websites of interest, there will be a Question and Answer section where you can post your questions and Lisa will answer daily, and places for community building. Being a part of this sacred Tribe will offer you support, encouragement and celebration while you are on your quest.

Additionally, Lisa will post within the Sacred Temple Daily Oracle Card Blessings and Daily Intention Setting to offer you guidance and support on your path.
Every participant will also receive at the beginning of the program a Sacred Treasure Box! This will provide you with specifically selected tools for you to use throughout the year. Each item will be blessed and charged energetically during the full moons of June and July in preparation for your use. You will find items for your altar space, tools for the full moon ceremonies, materials for shamanic tools that you will be learning to make and use, oils for anointing and blessing, crystals and more. This Sacred Treasure Box will hold over $100 worth of very special and sacred items hand chosen by Lisa for you.

At the end of this program Lisa will be offering participants, for a separate fee, an opportunity to attend a 4 day Sacred Retreat at Forevermore, her home in Florissant, Colorado. On this pristine 80 acre property, among the Pines and Aspen, surrounded by Red Rock and embraced by the Ancestors we will hold a Shamanic Priestess Initiation Ceremony. If you are unable to attend, we will be Live Streaming the ceremony and posting the recording so that you can participate from afar as well.

Upon completion of the 13 moon program you will receive certification of your efforts and completion of your introduction to being a Shamanic Priestess.

Program dates: August 1, 2017 - July 31, 2018
(There will be no lessons posted November 23 -26 and December 23 - 31) 

Fee: $2400 which includes a $200 non refundable deposit made no later than July 1.

Payment in full by July 1, $2200 (includes a $200 discount)

Installment Payment Plan: 4 installments of $550 each with due dates of July 31, October 31, January 31 and April 30 (Plus the $200 deposit due July 1.)

Payments need to be made either by Venmo (A free payment service APP), Paypal or Check. Paypal payments will need to include the 2.9% fee charged by them. Any checks issued that get returned due to insufficient funds will be charged a $40 service fee.

The 4 day Sacred Retreat And Initiation Ceremony:
This event is optional and offered at a separate fee of $475 (Airfare not included). Lisa owns a cabin in Florissant, Colorado on 80 secluded acres with majestic views of Pike's Peak and more. Your Retreat will include room and board; all meals will be vegetarian. Lisa will also provide one shuttle pick up and drop off at Denver International Airport, which is approximately 2 hours from the cabin. This shuttle will be timed to accommodate as many participants and their flights as possible. We can coordinate as it gets closer to the Retreat. Dates for the Retreat will be announced in 2018.

There are no trades or barters accepted for this program. There currently is no scholarship program. The Quest of the Shamanic Priestess requires a firm commitment, hard work, and an investment of your time, focus and energies. But that said, there is nothing like it and you will find your days enriched and blessed by your experience and training. Your life will never be the same.

All fees are non-refundable.



Lisa Meade

For more information about this program or to sign up contact Lisa