One on One Shamanic Teaching With Lisa Meade


There is a saying that the best teachers teach from the heart, such is the case with me; my heart and my soul. If you have been interested in shamanism or have felt a calling to find a teacher, perhaps this is the just right fit. As a shaman it is my longing to be a part of making certain that the lessons, the practice and the wisdom of shamanism is not lost. In a culture that does not have a historical connection to shamanism, those of us who are called have given themselves to the service of others. In addition to my shamanic practice, I am now being guided to also offer one on one shamanic teaching.

During each of the six month programs listed above the student will receive 3 weekly lessons via email from me. These will be designed to meet each student's personal level in their practice in shamanism. If you are a newbie, you will begin with shamanic basics that will be built upon over time. If you have had some shamanic experience we will ensure that there are no gaps in your knowledge and then build from there. These lessons can include the basics of journeying, working with one's spirit guides and ancestors, animal spirits, shamanic healing, soul retrieval, plant spirit medicine, dream-time and more.

In addition to your three weekly lessons, you will also have two private one on one soul mentoring sessions with me, either in person if possible or telephone. It is during this time that we will delve deeper into your spiritual connections, explore ways to developed your shamanic skills, work on understanding your soul story to name just a few. These are one hour sessions.

Each student will also receive from me their personal soul song. This will be made available to them during their second month in the program. I tune in energetically to you and then am able to bring song to the energies that are felt. This song is more like chanting and toning sometimes with a drum or a singing bowl or a rattle. Clients use their soul song during rituals, to begin their journeying experience, and even to relax to. Each is unique and as individual as the soul it is for. A downloadable recording is made so that it can be listened to again and again. This offering is a $40 value.

Throughout the program you will receive guidance on a variety of shamanic rituals, learn about the use of a variety of shamanic tools, as well as links to specific articles and websites that pertain to your progress within this education.

Additionally, you will have available to you additional one on one time with me if needed for a hugely discounted fee.

Having taught many students over the years in my Soul Expansion Mentorship, I am being asked by those in the community for private teaching. It appears that this is the direction that I am being called to, so that I can offer a far more individualized mentoring to those called to this path.

If this interests you or feels as though it is an answer to your spiritual educational needs, contact me and we will set up a time for a free consultation and then we can proceed from there.

Each teaching contract will be for a six month period at a time for a fee of $1200 with a deposit of $200. The balance will be due beginning with second month with a $200 monthly payment. Payments made via Paypal to

Course Descriptions: 

Soul Awakening of A Shamanic Practice ~ This is an online introductory apprenticeship for those new to Shamanism who have a desire to bring its practices into their daily lives. This 6 month program will introduce each student to shamanism, animal spirits, allies and guides, the use of energy, soul loss and healing, the power of one's soul story and so much more. Each week there will be 3 online lessons posted within a private Facebook group, additional website and articles for suggested reading and support as well as a twice a month one on one soul mentoring session with Lisa Meade either in person or via phone.

Soul Speak, Nature Speak and The Dream Time ~ This 6 month online program will offer an opportunity for the student to learn to "hear" the messages of one's soul, to converse with Nature in a way that will bring a deeper connection to the energies of the world around us. The student will learn how to use these relationships to deepen their spiritual work, their connection with Mother Earth and her creatures, and how to hear their authentic truth and develop sacred ways to honor this truth. Additionally, the student will be introduced to the shamanic world of Dream Time and how to understand and utilize the lessons and messages of our dreams in our day to day actions. Specific activities, practices and rituals will be taught to bring to life your lessons on this program. The same format outlined above will be followed with 3 weekly lessons and private one on one sessions with Lisa Meade.


Lisa Meade

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