Finding Your True North Food


With all the eating and diet plans out there, it is often challenging to find the "just right" fit for your body's needs. Over the years I have worked with many people helping them to tune into the messages that their body is sending them. I have supported their efforts in exploring and trying new styles of eating, new flavor profiles, new ways of moving and strengthening their body and challenging them to change their thoughts and beliefs about their relationship with food.

Finding Your True North Food is about finding YOUR unique way to meet your body's needs. Together, one on one, we will discuss what works and what doesn't work for you. There is great wisdom to be found in your body and knowing how to tap into it will help you find the perfect blend of body, mind and soul food!

Bringing my years of experience in listening to my body and its needs, having released almost 150 pounds, I have developed tools and skills that are beneficial for this journey. As a Soul Care provider, I listen and tune into your soul's needs as well. This is an important part of the conversation you have with your body. It will bring an aligning of your energies and allow us to look at areas that need a recalibrating, a releasing or an embracing of what may be lacking or missing. We will raise the vibration of the food you choose to eat! My Ph.D. in Holistic Health brings to the process the many years of study and resources that I have access to in the health and nutrition field.

By enrolling in Finding Your True North Food you gain one on one access to me each month with two 1 hour calls, a list of personalized body energy selected food choices that you can gradually incorporate into your daily meals, 2 weeks of "go to" recipes that will support your unique body, mind and soul needs, and a membership to a Private Facebook Group that will share information about celebrating and honoring the relationship with your body through food choices, activity and soulful experiences. Whether you join for one month or longer, you will discover ways to honor your body, change your thinking around food and incorporate your soul into the relationship.

Finding Your True North Food is much more than a diet plan and it reaches much further than a health program; it is a lifestyle change that uncovers the needs of your beautiful body so that it can serve you well and so that your perspective about your relationship with food, exercise and body image is transformed into one that serves your highest good with ease, deliciousness and honor.

Monthly Fee: $225




Lisa Meade

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