The New You Evolution


It is the time of year when people put their focus and energies into a New Year's resolution. Admirable, yes. But often disappointing. We create the perfect set up for failure, dissatisfaction, disappointment and more. Yet, our intentions are always so filled with hope, eagerness and optimism.

How can you begin 2014 with a new you evolution instead of the old resolutions? What would the theme of your evolution be? This often brings about a positive impact into your life as opposed to creating a specific goal that has restrictions and limitations that feel as though you have to give up, sacrifice or go without. We feel expansive and open as opposed to feeling like we are being constrained or being forced to go without.

These types of evolutionary themes bring in a different type of energetic focus. Think about something you feel is lacking in your life, something you would like to change, expand, broaden, or become more positive about. It could be relationships, it could be mindfulness, it could be creativity, movement, nourishment and so on.

Now expand within these themes. Let's say I choose creativity. I sit down and think of ways working on my creativity could benefit my relationship with self and others, my living environment, my work, my spiritual practice, my body and more. I allow myself to explore all the possibilities and there are so many. I leave room for the magic and miracles that this positive energy will surely generate. I invite others into the wonderful gift I am bringing into my life.

Notice that there suddenly is an energetic shift to this focus. Not once have I looked at what I must go without. When we approach our evolution this way, letting go of what is not good for us, no longer serves us or creates blockages for us is easier because we want the fresh space, the room, the abundance of time and energies to make room for the aspects that will fuel our evolution! We find ourselves excited over this new focus.

With the embracing of a New You Evolutionary theme you will find that your body, mind and soul will resonate. You will find ideas bubbling up of what you want and need. Your body will be charged with the changes. Your mind will explore the adventure you are taking it on. And your soul will delight on the possibilities you are creating, inviting even more to the journey day by day as you discover the new true you rising forward.

Happy New You, Lisa

The Simple Touches of Beauty


The beauty industry and media and advertising world want us to believe that we need their assistance somehow in uncovering or discovering our beauty; money needs to be spent, certain actions must be made, trainers and coaches sought, gadgets bought, supplements taken, injections given, creams applied and so on. Yet, beauty is most often found in simplicity.

The simple touches of beauty surround us. They are found in the laughter you share with family and friends. The exist in the compassion you bring to  your community. It twinkles in your eyes when you gaze upon a loved one. It is felt in your embrace. It is imparted in your praise. It is received in your thanks.

Beauty, true beauty, cannot be packaged or sold. It is something that lives within our essence. It grows brighter and becomes more expansive with our positive energies. It becomes alive the more we share it and embody it. Our beauty is unique to us and that in itself makes it even more stunning and attractive.

We need to do what we love, dress in what makes us feel amazing, dance to the songs that get us jazzed up, wear make up if it delights us, AND always be true to who we are! We can't be fooled into thinking that someone else knows what makes up our beauty. We ARE our beauty!

So many of the gifts in life come within the simple wonders and moments. We don't need to over complicate our beauty. Learning to embody our strengths, to celebrate our vulnerabilities, to honor our talents, to share our gifts...then our beauty shines through. Remembering who we are and embracing what we bring to the moment is the most effective way to show others our true beauty.

Blessings, Lisa

Honor Your Body Temple


How do you honor your body? Do you treat it like the temple that it is? Do you appreciate its curves, its power, its softness, its flexibility or its vulnerabilty? Do you compare it and contrast it against other bodies? Do you cherish its uniqueness and how it serves you?

Bodies come in all shapes and sizes and yet we hold to a standard set by society that only a small percentage can fit within. What does that mean to the rest of the bodies? That they fall short, have less value, should not be loved, or appreciated? Hardly!

Each body is a temple! Your body longs to share its gifts with you. The better your relationship with your body, the better the conversation! Every day messages are shared by your body ... are you listening? It will tell you what it needs. It will celebrate with you. It will challenge you. It will offer encouragement. It will state when it needs rest, fuel, movement, or a change. The better you develop your listening skills with your body, the better you will be able to honor it for all it offers you.

In our busy lives we often put our bodies last. Work, commitments, children, partners, and more comes first. Yet, it is undeniable that the better we tend to our own needs the better we can serve others. An important fact not meant to be ignored.

Your body is a sacred gift to be honored and valued in this lifetime. The more you take it for granted, the more likely you will miss important messages. The more you abuse it, the more likely it will suffer. And the more you understand it, accept it, adore it, the more likely you will find it helps you feel powerful, shine brightly, serve others better and live healthier.

Oh, the conversation about loving our bodies has been shared around the world. But the biggest piece of this whole conversation is how to stop the madness that serves as the bookends around this discussion. This madness is created by industries that want you to feel you will never be good enough, thin enough, curvy enough, busty enough, blonde enough, young enough...because you won't by their standards! None of us will. It is time to remove these voices and images from our conversation and begin honoring our body temple. They are only there to make their money and to suck you into the black hole of dissatisfaction, dishonor and comparison of your body. Instead, let's discuss how we can share a conversation about how we can celebrate our bodies, see the beauty of each other, how to empower with our words, images and thoughts, how we can see the beauty in ALL bodies. Regardless of our shape, our size, our measurement, our number on the label or the scale...regardless of our cup size, our hair color, the shape of our eyes, the length of our nails....regardless of all this and more let's have the conversation that will exclude no one from recognizing that they are beautiful in every way that they are!

To take part in this conversation join Robin Rice and I as we challenge the standards, initiate these types of discussions, celebrate all bodies and honor the body temple at the Awesome Woman Hub in a year of Celebrating Women & The Body Beautiful.

Blessings, Lisa

The Natural Response


Life has its cycles; historical, rhythmical, and natural. I have noticed so do I. The cycle that I have been honoring of late is the way in which my life and my body mirrors the cycles of Nature. 

Nature serves me as a mirror, reflecting to me patterns and actions that resonate within me. As we move through the transition month of November I feel myself moving into my preparations for the winter months ahead. I notice my time and energies are focused on wrapping up projects that were begun this autumn. I bring them into a place of closure, most complete. Those that need the respite of winter to lay dormant and percolate in the slower months of pause will be resurrected in the spring to see what will be birthed.

I feel my body transitioning as well. I notice shifts in my sleep cycle as I retire earlier and awaken before the sun, hot cup of tea in hand and energies at a slower but steady pace. I feel a longing to hunker down, to not be among the crowds, but rather walking in the snow, listening to the trees creaking and swaying or sitting before the fire meditating with the flames. My fuel choices for my body shift with the seasonal availability as well. No longer will the fresh greens from the farmers market be available, but instead I will turn to the root vegetables and stored seeds and grains. Dig deep the roots remind me.

Dig deep and use this time to do some inner work, because now is the time. I will visit the goddess Inana and do down to the depths to return with the freedom found and the treasures to welcome to the awakening of spring. I will sit with Hestia, goddess of the hearth and spend time with family building the inner relations that memories are made from as we celebrate the many holidays and family birthdays of the winter months.

It feels as though my body and soul have a natural response to the changing seasons that surround me. I use them as reminders, mirrors and guides. I feel the cycles weave through my days and months and years. I recall the seasonal changes of my life over time and find comfort in the rhythmic flow that is there.  

Using Nature as a map to guide and direct me feels like a natural tool. Her consistency brings direction. Her wisdom brings assurance. Her beauty brings wonder. As winter in New England begins to present itself, I look forward to the practices and the patterns that will surely come as well as the wonder and delight that will be found as I go to my inner cave to just Be.

Blessings, Lisa